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Why Should You Computerize Your Martial Arts Business?


By Farid Dordar

There are many reasons why most businesses decide to computerize part of their operations. From a martial arts school standpoint the reasons are very specific. Operating a martial arts business is not as simple as opening your doors and teaching a class. If it where so easy you wouldn't see schools open and then close in such a short period of time.

The schools that operate a successful business are the ones that have a system in place. The system only works when the schools' functions are executed and there must be a computer system in place to manage the data. It is impossible to grow a martial arts school efficiently without the aid of a computerized system.

Lets look at the problems inherited by using a paper trail method.

1. Paper is always misplaced and lost.
2. Performing and recording a follow up on paper is time consuming.
3. Finding exact or specific data is difficult with paperwork.
4. Paper cost money.
5. Information stored on paper takes space and doesn't have the same quality as on computer.
6. It is very difficult to improve the communication of a team through paperwork.

What are the most important benefits of using a computerized system?

1. Data can be easily recorded.
2. Student information can be looked up in seconds
3. You can use martial arts software you can systemize your school by using automations.
4. Save time by operating in an efficient manner.

Did you know that North America is the fastest growing place in the world for martial arts schools? With such rapid growth, competition is generated between each school and organization. It is important to take advantage of this opportunity so your business will succeed. With the extra money that you have generated by growing your business you can; buy that equipment you always wanted or move into that larger space, buy those classy uniforms and do those renovations that are needed. There are thousands of different martial arts and thousands of different ways to operate a business; but the common denominator in all of the successful schools in North America are that they all use martial arts software.

The best program in the martial arts industry is called Championsway Martial Arts software. ChampionsWay, Inc., a global martial arts company, specializing in synchronizing martial arts and technology is the developer of Martial Arts software. The need for such a program arose out of the necessity to systemize a large martial arts school in a competitive market. ChampionsWay, Inc. has strategically selected your school in the Seattle metropolitan area to try Martial Arts software in your school. This study, which you will participate in, is conducted in one school throughout every major center in the USA. As a user of Championsway Martial Arts software you will play an active role in helping us further develop the program to best suit your needs so we will value your feedback.

Why Use Championsway Martial Arts Software In Your School?

The best way to understand how your school is doing is to monitor its progress by looking at statistics on the schools' performance. Without Martial Arts software it could take hours to process such information. What kind of information are we talking about? Lets explain:

" It is important to know how many students your have. This number should also be broken down into the number of A students, B students, C students and NA students.

What are A, B, C, NA students? A students attended the desired amount of time to show that they like there training. B students attended a little less and are still considered active students. C students have dropped their attendance and only attend a maximum of 3 times that month and NA students did not attend that month and are considered Non-active or they have quit.

It is important to know if your school is generating new students. This equates into how many leads/prospects you have added.

It is important to know how many leads have signed an agreement with your school and have become students.

It is important to monitor the amount of renewals you have made so you can see if you are losing students after they have joined.

All of these vital statistics on your business are automatically generated in Martial Arts Software with the click of a button. If you don't use Championsway Martial Arts Software your probably wouldn't take the time to generate these numbers by hand.

The second major function, after systemizing, you want software to perform is automation. Why purchase software when it doesn't save you time? Championsway Martial Arts software has excellent automations. For example you want the software to automatically track a student's progress through your rank system. When you use The Martial Arts Software you enter every rank in your school with the approximate time it takes to advance from one level to the next. our Software will automatically calculate the future testing times and belt stripe times for you. The major automations in our Software are:

Class Attendance - Each student is given an ID number which can be manually entered or print a barcode ID card for each student so they attend themselves.

Exam Attendance - When a student is attended for their exam, Championsway Martial Arts Software will automatically update their rank, striping dates and future testing date.

Call 2 4 6 - Once you have entered a lead/prospect or a new student into Championsway Martial Arts Software three future dates will automatically be set for follow up calls. It is important to follow up on new students for the first 100 days of their membership.

Delinquent Report - If a student is late in paying for their tuition fees they will automatically show up in a report defining the amount owed and the days in arrears.

Talking Attendance - Championsway Martial Arts Software will recognize students birthdays, when their membership has expired and when information is needed from them.

Currently 2500 martial arts schools across the globe are using Championsway Martial Arts software to their advantage. Now is the time for your school(s) to come aboard. Martial Arts school owners recommend Championsway Martial Arts Software because of its design and ease of use. It functions like true contact management software similar to ones used by professional sales companies. If you do not show a significant growth in your school after six months of use you can return the program for a full refund.

To find out more information on how this product works, call Championsway Martial Arts Sales department toll free at (877) 774-5425 or visit Championsway website

June 29, 2011